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School Administrator Resources

October 24, 2020

Campus administrators that attend the ESC2 House Bill 1952 training receive the following resources pertaining to current issues and Texas school requirements.

Office of Civil Rights Snapshot

Breaking Schools Rules Statewide Report

School Discipline Consensus Report VIdeo

School Discipline Consensus Report (PDF)

Guiding Principles: A Resource Guide for Improving School Climate and Discipline

Safe, Supportive and Successful Schools

Texas Compilation of School Discipline Laws and Regulations

NEW- State Signed Legislation 2019 : Relating to School Health Safety & Discipline

Texas Behavior Support Initiative Training

Mandated State Requirement- Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI)

Any staff who may or has, restrained a child needs to participate in the free online TBSI training.

Suicide Prevention Training

Texas Suicide Prevention- 5 part video series

Human Trafficking Training

Human Trafficking of School Aged Children Teacher Training- The 83rd Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1272.  This law requires the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force (Task Force) to work with TEA to develop a list of key indicators that a person is a victim of human trafficking, develop a standardized curriculum and train school personnel to identify and assist victims of human trafficking.

More Resources on Human Trafficking:

Sexual Abuse Training

Mandatory Sexual Abuse Prevention Training-In accordance with TEC §38.004, districts and charter schools are required to provide, to all district and charter school employees, training concerning prevention techniques for and recognition of sexual abuse and all other maltreatment of children. A mandatory training schedule has been adopted by Commissioners Rule in the Texas Administrative Code.

TEC 38.0042 Requires all school campuses to post in at least one high-traffic area, in both English and Spanish, a poster, at student eye-level, with information that includes the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) Abuse hotline telephone number, instructions to call 911 and directions to the A poster developed to meet the requirements can be found at:



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